Frequently asked questions Bergamot Aromas

These are the most frequently asked questions from our customers Bergamota Aromas. If you have questions about our air fresheners or about us, and you do not find it in the following list, you can write to us from the contact page and we will be happy to help you.

No, all our products follow the ban launched in 2003 by the European Union to test any type of cosmetics on animals. In Bergamota Aromas we defend a 100% Cruelty Free policy and therefore, the products we offer do not contain ingredients of animal origin and have not been tested on animals.

Yes, our air fresheners follow the European Union regulation launched in 2003, which prohibits the testing of any cosmetics on animals. That is why none of our fragrances contain any ingredients or substances of animal origin.

Only products where this is indicated are alcoholic.

The duration of the mikados varies according to their formula with or without artificial colorants, their size and the weather conditions (humidity, light, temperature...) to which they are exposed. The estimated shelf life of the products supplied by Ambientair has been tested in its laboratory under fixed temperature and humidity conditions.

All the fragrances that we sell in Bergamota Aromas are very durable due to their composition. However, their durability will depend on where the mikado is placed, the temperature, etc.

The intensity of the fragrances varies according to each person's sense of smell, but some of the most intense fragrances are found in the Red Fruits, Green tea and lime, Vanilla o Lady of the Night.

It is not recommended to refill the car air freshener with mikado refills as they are not specific for this use.

The usual delivery time is 48-72 hours in the Iberian Peninsula and 7 working days in the Balearic and Canary Islands, unless expressly indicated in the item's data sheet. In the case of international shipments, these are processed within 1-2 business days. You can see the shipping policy here.

Our air freshener items are shipped through TNT Express, an international courier service company.

You can buy replacement rods on our website. or in our physical store at Calle San Francisco, nº40 (Segovia).

Our scented candles are made of vegetable waxes of natural origin. Their aromas are maintained until the end thanks to the uniform burning during the whole consumption of the candle.

Ambientair, as a supplier of Bergamota Aromas, is affiliated to the Integrated Management System (SIG) of Ecoembes, which follows the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which regulates quality management. With regard to the final product, we periodically collect waste and packaging so that Ecoembes can then treat, recycle and value them. Our waste policy is designed in accordance with Environmental Management and Protection (EPM) and all our plastic, paper and glass is recycled. In addition, we have a waste control system in which a company is responsible for collecting both packaging waste and chemical waste.

All products that we manufacture products we market comply with European CLP regulations. Its pictograms inform companies and users of the dangers of chemical products. For this reason, each of our air freshening products has specific specifications on its label or packaging about its composition and warnings.

As far as environmental awareness is concerned, the components of our products (cardboard, glass, cork or PE-LD) are recyclable as long as they are deposited in the appropriate container. In the case of scented liquids, they evaporate and leave no liquid residue. However, if left, it is recommended to dispose of the product at the nearest approved waste disposal plant.

The products distributed by Bergamota Aromas are manufactured in Spain but we also have international suppliers that provide us with other items that we distribute throughout the national and international territory.

At Bergamot Aromas you can find a wide variety of formats with which to create cozy and unique rooms in your home. For home use we recommend mikado air fresheners, scented candles, home perfumes and textile mists. In our blog you can find more information.

For outdoors we recommend the use of special garden scented candles. You will see that both the containers and the vegetable waxes of the candles are resistant to weather conditions. From Bergamota Aromas we especially recommend you to use the citronella candleperfect for scaring away insects, and the use of the mikado garden air freshenerswhich, having chemical components, increases its dispersion.

In case of spillage on fabric or leather upholstery, it may leave stains on the surface, and on plastics or interior moldings it could wear out the finish as the air freshener contains a solvent that can be corrosive and thus damage the material of the car. Follow the instructions for use correctly: unscrew the wooden cap and remove the plastic cap, screw the cap back on and pour the air freshener for a few seconds, avoiding excess so that it does not drip. This will ensure that the aromatic liquid does not spill. In Bergamota Aromas we recommend checking that the bottle is well screwed and has no cracks that may leak any liquid. It is also advisable to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

You can refill your mikado as many times as you want with the refill of the fragrance you have used. If you want to use another one, we recommend that you wash the bottle thoroughly to remove any residue of the previous fragrance and change the wands.

From Bergamota Aromas we suggest that when you start your air freshener, distribute the fan-shaped rods and rotate them in the first 24 hours. Then you can do it once or twice a week so that the fragrance takes more intensity and is distributed evenly throughout the room. To turn the rods properly, we recommend that you do it with the help of a piece of paper or a small piece of paper to avoid direct contact and thus avoid possible drips. Then remember to wash your hands with plenty of soap and water. In case the bottle or the surface has been stained, remember to clean it with the products you consider. We have an entry in our blog with more details.

We recommend changing the rods when they are very soaked or clogged with dust. If you see that the rods are swollen, it would be a good time to change them since they will no longer absorb the liquid and therefore the fragrance will lose intensity.

In case of ingestion by your pets, they may suffer gastric problems or allergic reactions. If this occurs, consult a veterinarian.