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Our store is a pleasant and cozy place with its own personality, where we take care day after day that the customer who visits us live experiences and emotions through the sense of smell. Our walls keep stories, smiles and aromas, those that we prepare with care and enthusiasm to get a product of excellent quality.


In Bergamota Aromas our philosophy is to always smile, to say good morning with energy, to take care of our shop window and to make each of our customers feel at home. We enjoy showing you beautiful things and letting you know the quality of our products.


"Sometimes things happen by chance and life offers you little surprises that make you value your origins in a very special way.

That's why Bergamota Aromas has a nice story that I would like to tell.

If you are from Segovia or have been to the city, you probably remember the beautiful flower shop located at 40 San Francisco Street that once flooded the city with life and color.

A wonderful store full of exotic plants, the smell of the countryside and aromatic flowers destined to decorate homes with "soul" with their delicacy and ephemeral beauty, or perhaps an unexpected gift for the loved one, in short, so many stories to tell...!

For more than thirty years I had the privilege of learning the difficult art of dealing with people from a very special teacher: MY MOTHER.

To this day, his teachings, his capacity for effort and work and his professional category are still very present in the philosophy of our company and are a reference that we can never forget.

Today Bergamota Aromas is still a family business that was born seven years ago with the illusion of offering all our customers a world full of sensations and intense fragrances manufactured in Segovia by Ambientair Aromas.

Proud to be a reference in our sector worldwide and knowing how important it is to deal directly with people, there was no better place than the "old flower shop San Francisco 40" to continue with the magic of small commerce.

That's why our beloved neighborhood store has a "soul".

That's why Bergamota Aromas smells great..."

Beatriz López Álvarez


Bergamota Tienda 05

San Francisco Florist, 1984

Products manufactured in Spain

Our products are of high quality and made with exceptional raw materials.

Small Business

Fragrances are like emotions, some reach the brain, others go straight to the heart...