THE BEST HOME fragrance diffuser. LONG LASTING fragrance diffuser.

In Bergamota Aromas we have a wide variety of air fresheners for the home. The fragrances of our air fresheners will be perfect for use at home or in the office. We have available all kinds of air fresheners, such as air fresheners mikado, scented candles, spray air fresheners or water-soluble oils. All our air fresheners have passed strict quality controls to ensure that they arrive at your home with all their properties intact.

On our website you can find exclusive collections such as The Olphactory. The Olphactory and its long-lasting scents travel through natural rattan rods, enhancing your home and the moments you dedicate to your intimacy and comfort. Welcome to this cozy and minimalist current.

From Bergamota Aromas we are very proud of one of our most outstanding star collections.

The Lacrosse collection has been created with the savoir-faire of the Ambientair brand. Its style brings together all times: past, present and future. A distinctive and recognisable design with an interesting chromatic effect inspired by the tones of nature makes this the most extraordinary collection of the brand, where the Ambientair Collections DNA is instantly recognisable.

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How much does it last a fragrance diffuser?

If the sticks of your fragrance diffuser are made of rattan, the duration depends on the manufacturer’s formula, the humidity of the environment and the temperature. The higher the temperature and humidity, the higher the evaporation and therefore the shorter your mikado will last. Under normal circumstances, our 100 ml. fragrance diffusers last more than three months. Of course we recommend you to read the approximate duration indicated on the box or in the product description.

What is the best fragrance diffuser?

Our recommendation is that the best fragrance diffuser is the one with which you feel good, and whose fragrance transmits peace and is able to transport you to a world of emotions and memories.

The fragrance diffusion of the fragrance diffuser is too strong or weak for my taste, how can I regulate the intensity?

You can regulate the intensity of the fragrance by removing or adding more sticks to the mikado fragrance diffuser. In addition, you can rotate the rods more frequently to increase the intensity of aroma in your room. In Bergamota Aromas we recommend that you help yourself with a tissue to help you turn the rods, and remember to wash your hands with plenty of soap and water after handling.

My mikado fragrance diffuser does not smell, what should I do?

First of all, you should choose a more or less intense scent depending on the size of each room. In addition, air currents also have an influence, so avoid placing it near windows and/or similar. However, you can turn the sticks more frequently for greater intensity.

How often should I turn the sticks of my mikado fragrance diffuser?

Once you have used your mikado fragrance diffuser for the first time and the sticks have been impregnated with fragrance in the first 24 hours, you can turn them once or twice a week so that the fragrance takes on more intensity and is distributed evenly throughout the room.

Are there different color fragrance diffuser fragrances?

Yes, we have a variety of colors in the fragrance of our fragrance diffusers. On the website of Bergamota Aromas you can see all the fragrances of fragrance diffusers available.

Can breathing near the fragrance diffuser be dangerous or toxic?

Bergamota Aromas fragrance diffusers use certified fragrances and do not contain hydrocarbons. Therefore, they do not present any risk to human health as long as they are used properly and according to the recommendations of the instructions for use.

On what kind of surface can I place the diffuser?

The stick fragrance diffuser is intended to be placed on any flat surface, such as a shelf, table or cabinet. It should not be placed near a heat source or exposed to direct sunlight. It should be kept out of reach of children and animals and should be used in well-ventilated areas.

Can I place the scented candle on wooden surfaces?

In Bergamota Aromas we recommend, for your safety, place the scented candle on heat-resistant surfaces and avoid placing them on top of stoves and other hot surfaces so that it does not melt.

 What are scented candles made of?

Our candles are made in Spain with vegetable waxes of natural and vegetable origin. Its vegetable origin guarantees a long duration maintaining the aroma until the end.

What material are scented candle wicks made of?

Depending on the composition of the candles and their end use, scented candle wicks can be made of different materials: rayon/cotton blend, 100% cotton…

Why the tone of the wax in a scented candle can be different?

The tone of the candles that do not have colored waxes can vary between white and yellow due to the natural origin of each of the vegetable waxes we work with. Each one has a different tone, texture and color that varies with each lot. This makes that they can be white or with a yellowish touch, obtaining each time a unique tone and intensity that does not alter the quality of the candle.

 How long can I keep the candle burning?

Keep it burning for the first time until you see that the entire surface has melted evenly, uniformly. Enjoy and let it burn for up to 4 hours (unless otherwise recommended on its label or packaging).

How do I extinguish the candle correctly?

To extinguish the scented candle, we recommend using a candle snuffer. After blowing out your scented candle, it is important that you do not move it since the glass may be too hot and the liquid wax could fall out or the wick could move.

Why does my candle have an irregular flame?

You should always keep an eye on your candle. When this happens it is because the wick is too long and may be twisted. In that case, you should extinguish your candle, let the wax cool and cut the wick with scissors. Make sure you leave a centimeter of wick above the wax.

On what type of surface can I apply the spray fragrance diffuser?

The spray fragrance diffusers we have in Bergamota Aromas are not intended to be sprayed on objects. The aromatic sprays are sprayed into the air in all types of rooms in the house. In the case of textile spray fragrance diffusers are sprayed on sheets, curtains and other fabrics at a distance of 25 cm.

Can I increase the fragrance of the fragrance diffuser spray?

If you want a greater fragrance you can spray the fragrance diffuser spray more times to get the desired amount depending on the room you want to scent.

Does our fragrance diffuser spray contain alcohol?

To improve fragrance dispersion, our home spray fragrance diffusers contain a percentage of alcohol in their composition. On the contrary, our fabric spray fragrance diffusers do not contain alcohol.

What should I do if I spray the fragrance diffuser on my face or eyes?

Wash with plenty of warm water. In case of irritation, seek medical advice.

Can I use the fragrance diffuser spray near fireplaces o people smoking?

No. Spray fragrance diffusers contain highly flammable liquid and vapors. Keep container and spray away from heat sources, sparks or hot surfaces.

What is a textile fragrance diffuser used for?

The fragrance you choose will be impregnated in the fibers of the fabric: a shirt, a cushion, the sofa cover, curtains … and will be releasing its aroma in a soft and gradual way. Not to be confused with the spray fragrance diffusers for the home that we also sell in Bergamota Aromas since they contain alcohol and other substances that could stain your fabrics.

What is the recommended amount of water-soluble oil to put in my humidifier?

Add between two and five drops into the tank of the aroma diffuser with the help of the dropper. The amount depends on the intensity that you like, the room to be decorated and the water capacity of your diffuser.

My water-soluble oil smells little, what should I do to increase the intensity of the fragrance?

Remember that the amount depends on the capacity of the diffuser and you should not exceed the recommendations because the diffuser may be damaged. However, you can add more drops of water-soluble oil if you prefer a more intense fragrance.

Can I mix aromatic water-soluble oils?

We do not recommend mixing oils of different fragrances since each one has a unique composition that, in contact with another oil, can alter the quality, intensity and durability of the diffusion.

Can breathing near this product be dangerous or toxic?

The water-soluble oils that we have in Bergamota Aromas use certified fragrances and do not contain hydrocarbons. Therefore, these fragrance diffusers do not present any risk to human health as long as it is used properly and according to the recommendations of the instructions for use.

My water-soluble oil does not dilute in water, what should I do?

Every time you use it, clean it very well to prevent dirt from accumulating.

My car fragrance diffuser smells very little, what should I do?

Make sure the wooden cap is screwed on tightly and turn the fragrance diffuser upside down for a few seconds so that the cap absorbs the fragrance well. You can repeat this process three times a week to increase the intensity of the scent.

Where can I hang the car fragrance diffuser?

You can place it on the rear-view mirror of your car as long as it does not obstruct your visibility. However, its cord allows you to place it on other surfaces: door knobs, hangers…

Does the car fragrance diffuser contain alcohol?

No, our car fragrance diffusers do not contain alcohol.

Can I use mikado fragrance diffuser refills in my car fragrance diffuser?

No. The chemical composition and viscosity of a mikado fragrance diffuser refill is not the same as that used in a car fragrance diffuser.

Where should I dispose of car fragrance diffuser after the fragrance is used up?

You can recycle your refill bottles in the appropriate container.

How do I refill my mikado fragrance diffuser?

Press the cap while turning it clockwise and once opened, pour the liquid into your favorite bottle, being careful not to spill fragrance diffuser liquid. Once the bottle is filled, insert the sticks in a fan shape. You can also put them directly into the refill.

Can I use other brand refills in my mikado fragrance diffuser?

No. Using other refills affects the quality of our mikado fragrance diffusers. We do not recommend the use of any other fragrance not proposed by Bergamota Aromas since it can damage the mikado fragrance diffuser.

What do I do with the empty fragrance diffuser refills?

You can recycle your refill bottles in the appropriate container.

Are there fragrances for fragrance diffuser mikado of different colors?

In Bergamota Aromas we have a wide variety of colors in our fragrance diffusers mikados: yellow, blue, green …, depending on the fragrance or style that has been thought for each collection.

What should I do if the fragrance diffuser refill spills?

If the fragrance diffuser refill spills, we recommend washing the surface with plenty of soap and water. You can also use other products that you consider appropriate to clean the surface impregnated by the fragrance diffuser.

Should I change the mikado fragrance diffuser sticks?

Whenever you refill your mikado fragrance diffuser, it is advisable to change the sticks to ensure the dispersion of the fragrance.

What are catalytic lamps used for?

The catalytic lamps we have in Bergamota Aromas are the perfect choice to purify and perfume the rooms. In addition, they eliminate effectively unpleasant odors.

How does the catalytic lamp work?

The heat emitted by the stone of the lamp once the ignition flame is extinguished, without flame or smoke, mixes with the air in the room neutralizing the molecules that produce bad odors. When they come into contact with the catalysis zone, they are destroyed and transformed into oxygen, thus preventing them from being recomposed.

What does a catalytic lamp consist of?

The catalytic lamp is composed of the following elements:

  • Body: this is the container that holds the fragrance, usually made of glass or ceramic.
  • Protective crown: prevents accidental contact with the stone located in the burner.
  • Cap: serves to cover the catalyst stone and prevent the fragrance from evaporating when the lamp is not in use.
  • Burner: is the catalyst stone, the most important part of the lamp.
  • Funnel: helps to pour the liquid from the bottle into the body of the lamp without spilling the perfume.

On what kind of surface can I place the catalytic lamp?

The catalytic lamp is intended to be placed on any flat surface, such as a shelf, table or closet. It should not be placed near a heat source or exposed to direct sunlight. It should be kept out of the reach of children and animals and should be used in ventilated areas.

How often should I change the wick? How do I know when to change the wick of my catalytic lamp?

In Bergamota Aromas we recommend changing the wick every 200 and 250 uses, which is approximately equivalent to one year of use.

What refills are the best for a catalytic lamp?

In Bergamota Aromas we have proven quality brands for use in catalytic lamps, see them here.

Can I use other brand refills in my catalytic lamp?

No. Using other liquid refills for catalytic lamp affects the quality and safety of the use of our lamps. The use of any other fragrance not proposed by Bergamota Aromas can damage the burner or the wick.

Can I leave the fragrance stored in the lamp, even if I do not use it?

From Bergamota Aromas we recommend removing the wick from the lamp if it is not going to be used for a long period of time (more than 15 days).

Can I change the fragrance of the catalytic lamp?

Yes, before introducing another fragrance in the lamp be sure to clean the container thoroughly and let the wick dry completely to remove any residue of the previous fragrance.

Can breathing near a catalytic lamp be dangerous or toxic?

No. Bergamot Aromas catalytic lamps use certified fragrances. Therefore, they do not present any risk to human health as long as they are used properly and according to the recommendations of the instructions for use.

My catalytic lamp makes me dizzy, what should I do?

Using the catalytic lamp in enclosed spaces may cause some people dizziness or vertigo. If this happens, we recommend ventilating the room immediately after applying the catalyst.

What Bergamota Aromas products are recommended to eliminate bad odors?

In Bergamota aromas we have a range of aromatic products to eliminate odors in your home. We have anti-odor fragrance diffusers for the kitchen, anti-odor for pets and of course anti-odor for snuff, in formats mikado fragrance diffuser and scented candle.

What types of anti-odor fragrance diffusers are there?

In Bergamota Aromas we have anti-odor mikado fragrance diffusers, scented candles and fabric sprays specifically designed to eliminate odors from your home. You can use our fragrance diffusers in the kitchen, and to prevent odors from pets or snuff.

How to avoid bad odors in your home?

The most common home remedies to avoid bad odors in your home are:

  • Use a fragrance diffuser spray to scent the room.
  • Pour drops of water-soluble oil in your humidifier.
  • Using anti-odor scented candles: for cooking, pets or tobacco.
  • Mikado stick fragrance diffusers with floral scents.
  • Textile fragrance diffusers absorb bad smells you may have in clothes or furniture.
  • Use scented sachets to scent closets.
  • Bergamot fragrance diffusers Aromas of cedar to avoid bad smells.
  • Use catalytic lamps with Bergamot Aromas fragrances.
  • Sea breeze or linen fragrances for interior rooms.
  • Use garden fragrance diffusers on your yard or terrace.
  • Use citronella or bamboo fragrance diffusers in summer to avoid possible mosquitoes.